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IMAX 101


After much wait and anticipation, the curtain has finally dropped on the biggest cinema event Perth, and the world, has ever seen. It’s here, it’s huge, it’s IMAX.

IMAX is like nothing ever before. It amps up your theatre experience to point where you may very well forget you’re in a cinema, and be convinced you are somewhere else completely. Thanks to the complex web of high technology and architecture, you’ll enter a place you’ve never been before. The picture is bigger, higher and wider than your field of view – no longer are you in the window peeking out, you’re now outside among the stars.

With ground-breaking, crystal-clear digital projection, cutting-edge sound technology and curved screen spanning, IMAX is an immersive cinematic experience like no other. Lose yourself in the experience by not just watching the film, but feeling it in your bones.

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